Hanna Herman welcomes the UN position, which defines the closure of TV channels as human rights violation

The UN described the closure of NewsOne, 112 and ZIK as such that does not meet the international standards of human rights, marking that the closure was unreasonable, and the respective decision was not taken by an independent authority.

Hanna Herman, the Chairman of Supervisory Board of the Charity Foundation for Protection of Freedom of Speech underlines that this stance of the UN creates new opportunities in protecting the interests of journalists and interests of freedom of speech in Ukraine. 

The UN positions declares that the shutdown of channels could have a negative impact on the process of reconciliation and social unification of the Ukrainian society. It’s quite serious signal that points out to a strategic mistake in the stance of Ukrainian government towards the development of democratic processes. Herman added that the world begins to view the incumbent Ukrainian government as the germ of authoritarianism.