First summary press conference of Charity Foundation for Protection of Freedom of Speech took place on the Day of Journalists in Kyiv

On the press conference, the Chairperson of Charity Foundation for Protection of Freedom of Speech Hanna Herman talked about the achievements of the organization.

In particular, during the first month of work, the organization managed to establish communication with almost all international institutions and address them with a request to protect freedom of speech in Ukraine:

“By joint efforts of all human rights organizations, we managed to convince the UN and it has finally declared: NewsOne, Zik, 112, and Pershiy Nezalezhniy TV channels in Ukraine were closed illegally. The United Nations called it a threat to social reconciliation, which is a very important step on our path to establishing and protecting freedom of speech in Ukraine,” Herman said.

One month ago, the Foundation made a statement that the first funds raised would be donated to Valentyna Pavlivna Buzyna, – the mother of the deceased journalist and writer Oles Buzyna.

On the summary press conference, the Foundation awarded Valentyna Pavlivna a letter of gratitude for the courageous stance, persistence and sincerity in the fight for justice in respect of the memory of her son and all Ukrainian journalists and gave first collected charitable donation.

It is noteworthy that one of the tasks of the Foundation is to protect freedom of speech by all legal methods.