Charity Foundation for Protection of Freedom of Speech expresses concern over attack on journalist of Journalist Against Corruption news agency

The fighters from a private security firm in Vyzhnychchyna region attacked a journalist from the Journalists Against Corruption news agency and obstructed his activities. During the attack, a security guard knocked the phone out of the journalist’s hands and threatened him with physical violence. The incident was recorded on video.

Before thinking about planting a billion trees, it is necessary to put in jail those who attack journalists exposing the illegal felling of Ukrainian forests.

Hanna Herman, Chairperson of the Supervisory Board of the Foundation for Protection of Freedom of Speech in Ukraine, has publicly appealed to the President of Ukraine urging to protect journalists who reveal the facts of illegal logging of Ukrainian forests. 

“Mr. President,” wrote Hanna Herman in a public address, “your initiative to plant a billion trees in Ukraine is certainly interesting. And it should be supported. However, before that, it is necessary to protect from illegal logging the forests that already exist and are ruthlessly destroyed by local lords, especially in the Carpathians. You probably know about the legendary Vyzhnytsya, a place sung in songs and legends. But Vyzhnytsia perishes. Its spruces are cut down and sold abroad. And journalists who publish these facts are beaten and persecuted. And we do not hear your word in their defense, let alone see you take action. You dream of a billion trees, and allow yourself to destroy the last greenery in the Ukrainian Carpathians. And even worse, you have ceased to be a guarantor of freedom of speech in Ukraine. How do you intend to become one of the world leaders who put a question point-blank – democracy against authoritarianism. What will you say to President Biden during the meeting with him, Volodymyr Zelensky? How will you explain your disregard of freedom of speech, the cornerstone of democracy? I would like to hear your answer, although everyone in Ukraine is already getting used to the fact that the government is silent when it comes to the protection of human rights, protection of democratic values, and freedom of speech in particular,” the public address of Hanna Herman to the President of Ukraine reads.