Charity foundation for protection of freedom of speech condemns decision of national tv council to cancel license of NASH TV CHANNEL

The Foundation for Protection of Freedom of Speech is concerned over the decision #1164 of the National Council on TV and Radio Broadcasting to file to the court a lawsuit on the revoking of the license for broadcasting #01544 dated November 8, 2019 for TV and radio organization NASH 365 LLC.

The basis for false accusation against the editorial office is the statements of the guest during the broadcasting of NASH TV channel.

We remind that according to the Article 34 of the Constitution of Ukraine, everyone has a right for freedom of thought and speech, free express of views and believes and spread of the information.

Thus, this decision contradicts the constitutional right of each citizen.

“Current officials forget the main thing, that the public authorities govern the society on behalf of the people. According to practice, multi-million audience of Ukrainian viewers of the banned TV channel will not disappear. The authorities through its actions continue to separate people on “right” and “wrong Ukrainians,Chairperson of the Supervisory Board of the Foundation Hanna Herman said.