The Charity Foundation for Protection of Freedom of Speech demands from the authorities the determination to protect Ukrainian journalists from attacks and beatings.

The Charity Foundation for Protection of Freedom of Speech is concerned about the situation regarding the obstruction of journalistic activity that occurred on October 30, 2021 with the film crew of the NASH TV channel.

On October 30, another demonstration of the real state of freedom of speech in Ukraine took place in Sumy. During the fulfilling of editorial task by the crew, the right-wing radicals pushed them, tried to take away the camera and painted the bus of the NASH TV channel. Attacks on independent journalists in Ukraine are already becoming a terrible norm. And the reason for this is the policy of the current government, which by its indulgence in lawlessness affirms the criminal tradition.

The incident was commented by the Chairperson of the Supervisory Board of the Foundation for Freedom of Speech Hanna Herman.

“The fact that Oles Buzyna’s killers were not punished, the fact that those who ordered the shelling of 112 TV channel building were not brought to severe responsibility, the fact that the thugs who beat the NewsOne journalist were not held accountable, that Ruslan Kotsaba suffered from attacks by radicals who have not yet been punished , the fact that examples of beatings of journalists in Ukraine are the norm rather than the exception – all this has led to a shameful situation with the state of freedom of speech in Ukraine. And here is the latest news – this time the beating of journalists of the NASH TV channel. We declare that the authorities are pursuing a criminal policy of indulgence against radicals in Ukraine. We call on the democratic world to take decisive action against the Ukrainian government in order to force it to return to democratic standards.”

The Charity Foundation for Protection of Freedom of Speech appeals to human rights organizations to investigate the case immediately.